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Skills and Personal Development
Team, Personal Empowerment, Family, Leadership 

Wind Over Meadows is about connection, communication, and acceptance. Our horses offer you a unique way of stepping back and looking at the world through intent, silent communication, calm verbal communication and body language. The horses allow our certified facilitators the opportunity to support our clients in developing skills to better understand their surroundings, the individuals and their place within it all. 

You can click on the icon that interests you or contact us to discuss options for your group, family or team. 

We offer 8-10 week programs, weekend workshops and one day clinics. 

Skills : the skills discovered in each workshop can be tailored for your company or organization. Please let us know what your objective is and our teams will facilitate those objectives. 

Professional Development

Leadership and Team Dynamics

Authentic You

Individual Empowerment Workshop

Youth Leadership and Empowerment

Life Skills for individuals and groups

Family Herd

Communication, unity, and memories

Online Art Communication

Active Listening and communication
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