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Example of explored objectives : Communication, Listening, Body Language, Observation, Appropriate Assertiveness, Silent body language, 

Family Herd is a program for, yes, families. It's a fun program that focuses on communication, body language, knowledge and observation. 

What is the Family Herd program? This is a program that is divided into 4-5 challenges. Communication, listening, appropriate assertiveness or just to communicate and have fun outside. We will then divide you into two groups. You will pick your teachers (either Tank our Appaloosa or Bill our Quarter horse) and we will introduce you to the days challenges. They may be family chatter, family charades, family survival or family etiquette. Each one has 3 stations that you work through meeting your family objectives. This program can be a built around your needs in time and days.  We recommend 4 sessions.

Call or email to discuss. 

Guelph university is offering some amazing online programs free of charge for kids

Family Herd

Available Dates

Programs offered April-October

Contact us for dates

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