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We offer Women and LGBTQ++ groups the power to step forward and experience beauty and a safe space to become their authentic selves. This is a beautiful journey. 

Empowerment workshops are about finding your voice, finding your strength, finding your you.

The Authentic you workshop is designed to be a part of your process. Your journey will have many moments and many teachers, but the horse will give you a feeling of peace and stillness that you will keep with you in each new moment. 


Horses are incapable of judgment. What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgment does not exist, and we can just be ourselves! They don't care about our clothes, weight, spiritual or political beliefs, or from where we've come.  They only care about helping you to be the best version of YOU that you can be. You are unique!  A horse as a teacher allows you to find authentic parts of your being and apply them to your life. Horses read us and feel our energy; therefore, being authentic with them is crucial to making them feel safe. They, in turn, will be honest with you. They are herd animals, and their constant concern is safety as they are vulnerable. They do that through trust and communication with their herd. When they feel safe and are approached with authenticity (no confusion within) and with a vulnerable self, they will help to get you on the path of knowing yourself.


It will help you balance who you are in the present moment.  It will guide you in creating a workable balance between your inner being and your outer world. This program has helped so many people and will open doors for so many more. 


In life, we have to do maintenance, on our body, on our mind, on who we are and want to be. Emotional health is vital to our existence. Discovering who we are and finding the tools to be present are a gift. 


Your teachers are four-legged beings who greet you without judgment, without concern for your herstory or history, and without preconceived ideas of who you are or should be.  They will guide you to self-knowledge, stillness and strength that will change your life permanently. 


This workshop includes.

• A Horse To Guide You To Help Find YOU! 

• Your success guide and direction book 

• 4 Programs with horses with objectives to find your authentic self 

• Communication assessment - this helps not only you understand your style of communication but also understanding all of those people in your life 

• lunch, snacks and drinks 

• Bookmarks of your teachers and their stories 

• Food for thought deck of cards for daily inspiration 

• Great memories

This workshop is the perfect opportunity to be you. To let go and be honest with yourself, to tell your teacher everything. The horse won't tell, they won't judge, and they will love you regardless. 

Empowerment Authentic you. 

2 day workshop workshop $425 hst

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